Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University,Kottayam,Kerala.Re-accredited by NAAC with A grade.Celebrating the Golden Jubilee in 2013-14.

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The things that we love tell us what we are.

Thomas Aquinas

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About the College

   St. Xavier's college is ideally situated on the enchanting banks of river Periyar.The college is functioning under the management of the congregation of Teresian Carmelites (CTC) and is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala. St Xavier's is a long cherished and hard realised dream of Rev. Mother Mary Magdaline CTC,the foundress of the college, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Augustine Maveli, the co-founder and Rev. Mother Isabel CTC, the first manager of the college.

   As a temple of learning St. Xavier's has 50 years of glorious history. It upholds the ideals of education to carry on the mission and vision of our Mother foundress. St. Xavier's aims at the formation of young women enabling them to live a richer life, fulfilling their individual and social responsibilities. Every young women with a respective mind, finds her life in the campus a rewarding and stimulating experience.


Upcoming Events

51st College day celebrations on 3rd March, 2015



St. Francis Xavier was a pioneering Roman Catholic missionary who was influential in the spreading of Catholicism in India. In the short span of ten years he visited many countries, traversed many seas and preached the Gospel. The zeal he displayed,the wonderful miracles he performed, and the great number of souls he brought to the light of true Faith, entitle him to be considered as the greatest missionary since the time of the Apostles.

On the footsteps of Mother Eliswa

Rev. Mother Eliswa, a widow of Vareed Vakayil of Koonammavu started the Congregation of Teresian Carmalites(C.T.C.) in 1866, the first native Congregation of sisters in India.

She strove hard to uplift the educational, social, cultural and vocational status of women and paved the way for starting academic and social institutions to empower the hapless women, contributing her own property and personnel.

The campus is equipped with :

  • Well maintained student friendly ambience
  • Hitech infrastructural facilities
  • 13 U.G. Courses
  • 4 P.G. Courses
  • Online virtual classroom experience
  • Edusat and Video conferencing facilities

  • U.G.C aided Add On Courses
  • Need based self financing and partially funded courses
  • Xaverian Kid Centre

  • Health Club