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Students form the essential part of all the activities of the college. The realization that Students’ Council has to play a more pro-active role in promoting students’talents, inspires all activities which include workshops, seminars, group discussions, cultural expressions. The various activities organized successfully over the years are standing proof of their functional excellence, leadership and mastery of life skills.

Every year, through election, student representatives are elected who form the Students’ Council, and the investiture ceremony is formally inaugurated by eminent personalities. Various competitions like bridal contest, Xaverian Queen contest and Thematic Fashion Show are conducted during the day with much joy and enthusiasm. Onam celebrations, Xaverian day and Christmas Day celebrations are made courful by the active participation of our students. Our college has bagged prizes in the Mahatma Gandhi University Youth Festival for Thiruvathira, Oppana and Group dance consecutively for many years. These traditional dances are always performed by our students with high quality and divine spark and they are rated as one of the best teams. From 1999-2000 onwards, we bagged prizes for group items in the University Youth Festival which showed the team work and zeal among the students. Besides, students won many prizes in Essay writing, Quiz competitions and debates conducted by various institutions and agencies. Most of the cultural programmes of our students were telecast by Asianet Cable vision, Jeevan T.V. Asianet Global, Surya T.V and Kairali T.V. The total perfection and the pleasing performance brought laurels to the college. The introduction of various clubs like Quiz club, Writers club, and Dance club offer a free forum to the students to expose their creative talents and train themselves in activities suited to their aptitude.

Charity, in its many forms, is one of the manifestations of spirituality. Taking a broader view of this was crucial when an amount of Rs. 13,000/- was collected from the students and handed over to cancer patients at Palliative Care Centre and to the abandoned children who were taken care of by the JanasevaSishuBhavan. Tsunami relief fund contributions were made in all earnestness with our students taking part it in the real spirit of humanity and disastermanagement. Clothes and other necessary items were also distributed. The Students’ Council is totally committed to its duty in bringing out the students’ potential in all aspects of life and insensitizing them to contemporary realities so as to mould them into responsible women with a humane face.

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