Consultancy and Collaborations

Red Deer College, Alberto University, Canada to facilitate collaboration to create channels of interactive conversations between students from two different institutes on topics being studied in Medical Microbiology and to increase international cooperation under the Internalization at Home in Science Education Programme funded by the Alberta Ministry of Education.

Saurashtra College, Madurai to enhance the academic skills of students and teachers through resources, regular workshops, training programmes, capacity building and faculty development and career guidance and placement unit alignment

Higher Education’s Consultants an Academy (H.E.C.A), Kadavanthara as on 25th April, 2015 for skill development and employability skills training through various Diploma programmes to ensure quality graduates, post graduates and provide placement assistance in corporate sectors.

Information And Communication Technology Academy of Kerala (ICTAK), Trivandrum with the objective of improving employability skills of both the faculty and students through resources, regular workshop, training programmes, capacity building and faculty development, career guidance and placement unit alignment. It also ensures training, post training and certification.

Nehru Group of Institutions, Coimbatore to enhance the graduates and post graduates and to increase employability of the students under self financing scheme

Sapients, Ernakulam– To provide training programme on soft skill sessions and provide study materials for students of P G Department of Commerce.

Ernakulam Social Service Society, The objective of this MoU is to promote the participation of Faculty and Students in the community development activities of the Ernakulam Service Society (ESSS) which is committed to promote, support and sustain the socio-economic and developmental initiatives of the poor and the marginalized through social mobilization, empowerment and decentralization thereby to build up the social commitment and responsibility of students towards the maginalised section of society.

Meaningful community research projects were done in Collaboration with Centre for Advancement of Global Health (CAGH) in developing a mathematical model for predicting the distribution of Aedes aegyptii Data generated out of the project will be uploaded to national database.

Citizen Science Programmes – Students upload sightings about birds, invasive alien species etc. to the national database thus actively involving in participatory community research.

Collaboration with State Museum & Zoo, Thrissur and Thiruvananthapuram for the Project entitled “Gatrointestinal parasites in captive snakes using coprological methods”. The need for accurate diagnosis of gastro intestinal endoparasite infections in reptiles is essential for the well being of the captive reptiles but also for the zoo keepers.

Taxonomic identification of Formicidae specimens is done in the Zoology Research Lab especially from the biodiversity hotspots of Western Ghats. This helps in the documentation of lesser known taxa of these hotspot areas thus contributing to documentation of biodiversity of these taxas.

MoU with Plan@Earth to evaluate the ideal soil parameters for maintaining earthworm culture and vermicompost unit

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