IQAC Profile

IQAC monitors the maintenance of quality in all areas of the institutional activities. Formed in accordance with the guidelines and norms set by NAAC, it tries to ensure that quality is strictly maintained, sustained and augmented by taking the needs of all the stakeholders into consideration. The cell helps in ensuring more effective and active participation and contribution of all the stakeholders. They are always kept informed about the various policies, mechanisms and procedures related to quality assurance. The suggestions and recommendations from all stakeholders are seriously considered and proper actions and decisions are taken by IQAC.

IQAC chalks out plans and programmes in order to channelize the entire institutional activities. The IQAC systematically evaluates the quality of academic, administrative, infrastructural financial and socially useful endeavours of various departments of the institution ,ensures credibility of assessment procedures, the adequacy of support structures such as library, extention activities etc. ultimately leading to remedial measures and improvements. It also makes sincere efforts to inculcate a research culture in faculty and students under the auspices of the Research Promotion Council. Every month paper presentation sessions are arranged by various dept.s in turn and a bimonthly research journal is published. To make the functioning of IQAC more effective and progressive, it was revitalized by assigning core areas to the members under seven heads.

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