Members of Statutory Bodies


  • Superior General of the Congregation CTC      –      Rev.Mother  Liza CTC
  • Provincial Mother of  St. Joseph’s  Province    –      Rev. Sr. Percy CTC
  • Principal of the College                                        –       Rev.Sr.Reethamma CTC
  • Vice Principal of the College                               –       Rev. Dr. Sr. Shalini  CTC
  • Local Manager of the College                             –       Rev. Sr. Angelica CTC
  • Office Superintendent                                          –       Rev. Sr.Mercina  CTC
  • College Librarian                                                   –       Rev.Sr.Diogeneous CTC
  • Staff  Representatives                                           –       Rev. Sr. Stella CTC, Rev. Sr. sharin CTC
  • Representation of the Administrative staff       –      Rev. Sr.Dinishia CTC


1. Rev . Sr . Reethamma V. A. (Principal) M.A., M.Phil
2. Dr. Sr. Geege Joanamma Xavier (Vice Principal)M.A, NET, B.Ed., M.Phil, PhD.
3. Ms. Rani K.A., M.Com., M.Phil, MBA Finance
4. Ms. Latha devi P .K., M.Sc., M.Phil, MBA
5. Dr. C.O. Lilly, M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D.
6. Dr. Milan Franz M.A., M.Phil. Ph.D.
7. Dr. Cicily Pearly Alex, M.P. Ed ., NET , Ph.D .
8. Ms. Beena Varghese, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.
9. Left. Dr . Bridget Joseph K.M.A., Ph. D., B.Ed, PGD in Translation
10. Dr. Seema K., MSc, Ph.D.
11. Dr. Nisha P, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D
12. Dr . Ansa Alphonsa Antony, M.Sc, Ph.D., NET
13. Ms. Minimol K.M.A., NET-JRF
14. Ms. Vandana Aravindan, M.A., NET
15. Dr. Linda Louis M.Sc, NET , GA TE, P .hD
16. Dr. Aneymol V .S, M.Sc, Ph.D.
17. Dr. Aparna Lakshmanan, MSc , NET, Ph.D

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