(Established: 1988)


  • To foster friendship and cooperation among the alumni through, organizing their reunion and by maintaining an old students head quarters in the campus.
  • To promote the interest of the Old Students in Social, literary and cultural activities by conducting meetings, seminars etc.
  • To engage interested alumni intellectually and socially.
  • To promote the interest of the Institution and Society.


Principal- Rev. Sr. Reethamma V A

Dr. Lilly C O  and  Dr. Seema K

Executive Members

Dr. Sr. Salini
Dr. Mini V S
Mrs. Bisny Babu
Ms. Deepti George
Ms. Rosemol Sebastian
Mrs. Mary Tomsy
Mrs. Bilu Job
Mrs. Baby Mampilly
Mrs. Shiny Tomy
Mrs. Daisy Benny
Mrs. Rekha R
Mrs. Jaya Kuruvilla
Mrs. Vaheetha Shamsudeen. Mrs Sheerena John


  • Any former student of the College shall be eligible for membership of the Old Students Association.
  • There shall be three categories of membership:
  • Ordinary members: – Those who pay an annual subscription of Rs.50/-
  • Life members: – Those who pay in lump sum an amount of Rs.1000/-
  • Honorary members: – Honorary membership shall be conferred on all the teaching staff on the rolls and retired teachers.

ANNUAL MEETING: The annual meeting of the Association shall ordinarily be held on  February Second Saturday.

The Alumni association (OSAX) is a very active and vibrant body of the college. The executive members meet regularly and plan the activities of OSAX. The association acknowledges alumni with meritorious achievements in diverse fields and honours the rank holders. The OSAX endowment prizes are instituted for meritorious and financially backward students of first year degree and post graduation programme. The association honours the retiring faculty members and administrative staffs. OSAX is regularly conducting classes in Calligraphy, tailoring, embroidery and Yoga for our students, OSAX fair, invited lectures by alumni of various departments, Dr Sr. Redempta memorial intercollegiate state level essay competition, News letter(“Nostalgia”) release. OSAX also involve in various outreach programmes like financial aid for house construction, orphanages, old age homes etc.

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